Power is the backbone of any telecom business; without it, operations can be seriously upset. In an industry in which accumulated operational expenses can reach millions of dollars per year, GalooliPower arms telecom players with a comprehensive solution and AI-driven insights for better site management, resulting in tremendous OPEX savings.

Our Solutions

Power Management

Manage and control your full site’s power-operated components. Galooli Power’s solution gives operators a full site overview and analytics to reduce downtime and energy consumption site-wide.

Preventative Maintenance

Harness sophisticated AI-generated machine diagnostics to anticipate malfunctions ahead of time and schedule maintenance for optimal efficiency and increased OPEX.

Security Access Control

Keep your site safe from security breaches and unauthorized visitors thanks to a multi-layered security platform that combines video surveillance and a smart-lock entrance, thus reducing the need for site visits.

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AI Insights

Using advanced machine learning, GalooliPower’s system collects countless points of data to locate an asset’s optimal energy-efficiency point and provides actionable insights that empower operators to maintain it at those levels. The bottom line: Significant bottom-line savings at the end of the business cycle.

Colocation Management

Manage a site’s multiple tenants efficiently with a single integrated platform that aggregates information about the energy consumption of all tenants and offers smart billing.

Our Advantages

  • 12 years of experience working with top telecom companies
  • Data-driven analysis to identify and maintain site’s optimal energy-efficiency point
  • Advanced analytics and data generation
  • Instant reduction of site visits
  • Bottom-line solutions using advanced machine learning


savings in fuel expenses

4 million

data points collected every minute


telecom sites supported by galooli


fewer site visits