Mining involves a “perfect storm” of sensitive and complicated operations with challenging environmental conditions, heavy machinery, high risk of accidents and low margins. Galooli’s smart and comprehensive system presents operators with the information they need and the ability to control and manage all of these factors, all in one straightforward platform.

Our Solutions

Power Management

Easily manage the usage of various power-operated assets working in tandem, such as grid,attery and generators, to maximize their output while cutting unnecessary expenses.

Preventative Maintenance

Harness sophisticated AI-generated machine diagnostics to anticipate malfunctions ahead of time and schedule maintenance for optimal efficiency and increased OPEX.

HVAC Management

Tune in live to environmental conditions, such as ventilation and cooling, and receive alerts when there are any changes to the optimal energy-efficient conditions.

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AI Insights

GalooliPower’s system assembles countless data points related to the different factors involved in the mining ecosystem, analyzes them, identifies their optimal point of energy efficiency and provides operators with straightforward recommendations that update constantly and enable them to meet and maintain optimal conditions on an ongoing basis.

Our Advantages

  • Comprehensive asset management and control
  • Data-driven analysis to identify and maintain site’s optimal energy-efficiency point
  • Advanced AI abilities


savings in fuel expenses


data points collected every minute


savings in electricity expenses


fewer faults and malfunctions