Power Utilities

Ranging from large to small, utilities cover a wide range of industries, including factories, power plants and anything else that relies heavily on power. GalooliPower’s overall asset management solution provides an easy-to-understand real-time overview and arms operators with smart, AI-based action items for better asset management.

Our Solutions

Power Management

Track grid and genset usage to optimize energy utilization patterns and cut unnecessary expenses. Comply with international standards and make it easy to track and regulate carbon emissions for greener, environmentally friendly operations for the long term.

Preventative Maintenance

Harness sophisticated AI-generated machine diagnostics to anticipate malfunctions ahead of time and schedule maintenance for optimal efficiency and increased OPEX.

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AI Insights

GalooliPower’s system works with utilities of all sizes and capacities, employing sophisticated machine learning to gather data and analyze each asset’s operating status, identify its optimal energy-efficiency point and highlight, for the user, areas in which action can be taken for greater OPEX savings.

Our Advantages

  • Data-driven analysis to identify site’s energy-efficiency point
  • Big-picture view for horizontal factory management
  • Predictive maintenance for major OPEX savings
  • Smart, customized alerts


savings in fuel expenses


data points collected every minute


fewer factory maintenance visits


increase in components’ longevity