Data Centers

Home to particularly sensitive bits and bytes, data centers rely heavily on consistent power and must be maintained under very particular and strict conditions. Specially developed with these considerations in mind, GalooliPower’s fully integrated asset management solution provides complete control, which is supplemented by AI-driven recommendations for maximum OPEX savings.

Our Solutions

Power Management

Manage and control your full site’s power-operated components. Galooli Power’s solution gives operators a full site overview and analytics to reduce downtime and energy consumption site-wide.

Safety & Security

Keep your major assets protected from unauthorized access with GalooliPower’s advanced multi-layered security systems, which are built and updated in house.

HVAC Management

Tune in live to environmental conditions, such as ventilation and cooling, and receive alerts when there are any changes to the optimal energy-efficient conditions.

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AI Insights

GalooliPower’s system automatically and continuously collects data points and, using machine-learning capabilities, alerts, analyzes and provides operators with straightforward insights on how to keep data center temperatures and conditions, among other elements, optimal and steady to maximize their efficiency and minimize their operational expenses.

Our Advantages

  • Accurate temperature management for data centers
  • Data-driven analysis to identify and maintain site’s optimal energy-efficiency point
  • Smart, customized customer alerts


savings in electricity expenses


data points collected every minute

10 years

of experience with data center management


increase in component longevity