With security and uptime paramount, banks and ATMs require not only consistent power, but also constant monitoring. GalooliPower enables financial institutions to identify and set guidelines as well as monitor their assets around the clock to guarantee high levels of secure service, while enjoying maximum OPEX savings.

Our Solutions

Preventative Maintenance

Harness sophisticated AI-generated machine diagnostics to anticipate malfunctions ahead of time and schedule maintenance for optimal efficiency and increased OPEX savings.

Security Access Control

Deny unauthorized access with advanced multi-layered protection security system and never leave your assets in jeopardy.

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AI Insights

GalooliPower’s asset management solution automatically and continuously collects data on power systems and usage patterns, conducts AI-led analyses and alerts managers about trends and anomalies, allowing them to make data-driven decisions quickly to optimize operations and reduce OPEX.

Our Advantages

  • Smart, comprehensive management of bank security
  • Data-driven analysis to identify and maintain site’s optimal energy-efficiency point
  • Advanced solutions for asset management and control
  • Smart, customized alerts


Savings in fuel expenses


Data points collected every minute


Savings in energy expenses


Increase in real-time responsive management