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Preventative Maintenance

Actively track your equipment’s diagnostics and attain uninterrupted uptime with condition-based maintenance. Let your machines tell you when they need attention.

Power Management

View fuel and hybrid management all at a single glance. The ZON Control® tracks all remote devices from smokes sensors to grid and solar panel usage. The most comprehensive all-integrated software for remote site management.

Remote Site Control (NOC)

With the full range of hardware and software, GalooliPOWER provides seamless integration and real time transmission of all assets to display the most accurate status onsite.

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Workforce Management

Complete your asset management experience with Bila Mipaka - a workforce management solution that empowers both field technicians and resource managers. Log task fulfilment, receive real time feedback and make on-the-spot corrections. Bila Mipaka replaces manual reporting with cloud-based progress reports so you can easily make data-driven conclusions to improve your workforce.

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GalooliPOWER is a leader in Remote Management & Energy Efficiency solutions for fixed sites, focused on improving a business's bottom line. With more than a decade of experience, GalooliPOWER has been designing robust, centralized solutions that are smarter and easier to use than traditional isolated systems. Dedicated to ensuring your sites are running at maximum efficiency, our team sets our sights on helping you achieve the greatest operational savings. Our capabilities are proven in partnerships with some of the biggest players in the telecom and power sector, ensuring continuous power supply and maximum uptime.

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